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the rules
When you see a batch of graphics that you like, comment. Even if you aren't taking. It only takes a few seconds and it lets us know how we are doing.

Do not direct link/hotlink! This is a no-no. (Click here to learn more about bandwidth theft.) You can create an account for free. Image Shack is also very popular. Credit the creator when you taking a graphic. If you take a Header, Friends only banner or something similar the credit should go into your user info. If you take an icon then please credit in the keyword/comments.

Don't repost our graphics anywhere else. We don't want to see them at Xanga or Greatest Journal, capiche?

current makers and resources
There are four icon makers at lovedrop; they are drakeabell,
herlips, mihasx and crestfallen1103.
If you're looking for credit and resources, just click their usernames.

Affiliates are great fun and we're always accepting new ones. Here are our current affilies: thetissuebox _couturegraphic shatteredxicons ___electra heiressgraphics heiressicons chaotic_britney _thepleiades pointless_blank showgirldesigns

past layouts
The layout is often changed, and when it is a screen cap is saved here! The following is some of the past layouts that lovedrop has had: one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen

pimp us
Awww. So you want to advertise us in your journal? How sweet of you. Here are a few buttons you can use to make that process easier. Feel free to direct link.